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Hey, all. Due to an unfortunate sequence of events, I'm finding myself with only 60 days or less to gather all the money I can, or else my roommate Ahkward and I will end up being homeless. I do have a job lined up and will hopefully be hired, but we need all the help we can get. Because of this, I'm open for commissions now, paypal only this time.

Terms of Service

You may:
  • Use your commission as an avatar
  • Ask me for sketches or works in progress on your commission at any time
  • Re-post your commission to your dA gallery or on other sites if you credit me by putting in the description of wherever you re-post it

You may not:

  • Use my art for commercial purposes
  • Use my art if you have not commissioned it
  • Re-post my art if you have not commissioned it
  • Edit my art
I highly prefer full payment be made before I start on your commission. Turnaround time is usually less than a week. Original sizes are 1000x1000 pixels, but can be made bigger for an additional fee. I will accept payment only in USD.

By commissioning me, you automatically agree to these terms of service.

*These are just base prices; they may increase due to complexity. Full body costs a little extra based on complexity.


$10 uncolored
Theo by Jenova-Cells Sherbet and Sony - Sketch by Jenova-Cells

$15 simple color
Denzel by Jenova-Cells Rei Adeon by Jenova-Cells

$25 shaded
Charli by Jenova-Cells Myn by Jenova-Cells Cinna Hug by Jenova-Cells

Extra options: cell shading, soft shading, both, black lines, or colored lines.

Line Art

$20 flat color
Oh No by Jenova-Cells Void Shadow by Jenova-Cells Allegra by Jenova-Cells Maw by Jenova-Cells

$30 full color
Rai and Konoe by Jenova-Cells Lily by Jenova-Cells Tsun-Tsun by Jenova-Cells Albion by Jenova-Cells

Extra options: cell shading, soft shading, both, simple background, transparent, black lines, or colored lines.

I will first send you a sketch. If the sketch meets your approval, I will line and color it.

NEW! Pay What You Want (Experimental)
Mezzanine by Jenova-Cells Mister Fox (Remake) by Jenova-Cells Demose by Jenova-Cells Pensive by Jenova-Cells

Mature Content

Dissociation by Jenova-Cells
Water Wolf by Jenova-Cells Ahki by Jenova-Cells

Actual results may vary. What you get depends on what you pay and depends on a "theme." I will experiment with and stylize your character however I choose to. You may choose a "theme," such as limited color, bright colors, a specific color palette, monochrome, etc. Finished products will range from sketches to more painterly works depending on amount of payment.

Will draw:
  • Canines
  • Felines
  • Original species (depending on complexity)
  • Reptiles (including dragons and/or dinosaurs)
  • Humans
  • Anthro
  • Fan Art
I am hesitant to draw birds or anything with feathered wings, however.

To order:
  • Comment on this journal or send me a note to claim a slot
  • Tell me the type of commission you want
  • Send me a reference of your character. It does not have to be a reference sheet; a clear picture is fine
  • Tell me what you want in your commission - pose, expression, mood, etc. You can leave it up to me to decide, if you want.
  • If you request fan art and I accept, please be more specific on the "type" -- a character can look or act different depending on story-related things. Or you can leave it up to me.

See something you like in my gallery that is not featured here? Feel free to ask!

All characters featured here belong to their respective owners.

Slots are unlimited!
  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open

**Also check out Ahkward's commissions here:
Eviction - Emergency COM (low prices)So, if you read my status post an hour or so ago, here is what I am going to tell you. You can skip to the bottom if you want. I simply wanted to offer the whole story.
The holidays are about family and being together. Every year I see stories and journals about people whining they didn't get this or that. Or how they were embarrassed in front of someone or family. Some complain about not going on a vacation or other nonsense.
This year for the Holiday season, I got some awesome artwork from a couple people, including my roommate Jenova-Cells. I will have a gift box from WolfOfTheAlphakings, I got a gift card from my dad. However I also spent Christmas Eve celebrating my step-nephew's second birthday, along with all the family drama birthdays and step-relatives bring. A bit awkward but nothing unreasonable.
Christmas dinner was great until the very end and my mom decided to yell at Jenova over fucking nothing. Mom had brought up a sore topic and under

28 December 2016 UPDATE: I've also opened up some YCHs. I'll keep adding more periodically.
Canine YCH Set (4/4) - Open by Jenova-Cells Canine YCH - Open by Jenova-Cells


I'm best known as Zetran; however, you can call me whatever you want. (I'd highly prefer that you didn't call me Jenova, though. As much as I love the character, I am not her. I am myself.) By no means am I a professional, but I do my best.

Just your average loser. I like a variety of things, though I'm mostly interested in Final Fantasy VII. I don't talk or comment much, but it's nothing personal. I'm just not good at interacting.

I'm also into Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls (III, IV, and V, but mostly IV), Legend of Zelda, Lamento: Beyond the Void, and 1980s fantasy movies (Legend, The Dark Crystal, Neverending Story, etc.), among other things. I'm a huge sucker for retro music, games, and movies, especially 80s.

Feel free to comment anywhere on my page or talk to me about anything. I always respond as quickly as I can.

Formerly known as sefirosu347. Named changed on 2015年2月7日(土)

Now if only somebody didn't take my real name, Zetran, and things would maybe be a little less confusing.

Request: Maw Doll by Nemmikins
Artwork by Nemmikins - thank you!

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